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Last week a team of grinding experts from SHL joined a workshop at Klingspor GmbH  training facility. Because of this cooperation it is a win win situation for future customers due to this specific knowledge multiplication.

-“Create the perfect surface”-

Quality, That Catches The Eye

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RZ_Fachbericht_Edelstahlmechnik2_Web_letterSignificant time And Cost Savings


Edelstahl-Mechanik GmbH is satisfied with all aspects of its new acquisition – not least because the automated process has managed to provide time savings of about 75 percent as compared with manual processing. This resulted in cost savings of about 50 percent. “We received extremely competent advice and selected SHL not least for this reason,” explains Jörg Grupp, Purchasing and Procurement Manager for Edelstahl-Mechanik. “The execution of the entire project, from planning to commissioning, was very professional. All of our requirements and desires were more than fulfilled. “The surface quality of the finished workpieces has also improved noticeably. “We can now efficiently and cost-effectively process batches of 100 or 200 parts, while manual grinding has often had problems not only with costs but also with quality. Today, in contrast, we provide workpieces with thoroughly reproducible quality and can put appropriate surface finishes on our laser-welded stainless steel assemblies.”

Quality, That Catches The Eye

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Standardized Components Provide Security

Based on the required grinding and finishing processes and a specified spectrum of workpieces (up to 600Å~500Å~300mm (LÅ~BÅ~H) in size and up to 50 kg in weight), SHL came up with a concept for an integrated robotic grinding and scotching system. It consists essentially of a 6-axis Kuka KR 140 industrial robot, including a KR C2 controller, three SHL 250/450 belt and contact wheelgrinders, one SHL P 550 ROB polishing machine, and various vacuum and pneumatic grippers for accepting different workpieces. The employees still have a loading and unloading table for supporting the workpiece pallets, two workpiece pallets with interchangeable specific workpiece fixtures, and a tool changing device. The working software, installation, and commission of the system were also part of the scope of delivery from SHL, along with several training programs for the responsible employees. The extensive use of standardized system components – including the robot and polishing machine in addition to the belt and contact wheel grinding machines – enable the cost to be clearly calculated in advance and the defined implementation time period to be met. This also allowed functional risks in the concrete production process to be reduced considerably. Because the components named here are universally usable, Edelstahl-Mechanik benefits from great flexibility in applications and utility. In addition to handling workpieces in the course of unloading or loading the pallets, the robot also performs three-dimensional guiding and positioning of the parts in the grinding and polishing stations. The three belt and contact wheel grinders each also have a programmable movable contact roller. This provides great flexibility in the field of machine grinding, as the robot can grind with both the belt and the contact wheel. The polishing machine is ultimately well equipped for all surface finish requirements of profiled or flat workpieces due to its continuously variable polishing speeds.

Quality, That Catches The Eye

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Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-21 um 09.31.43High-end stainless steel surfaces and more economical processes thanks to a new system




In many fields where stainless steel components are used, the processing steps of grinding and surface finishing are essential. As part of a process reorganization, one company that processes stainless steel discovered the advantages of an automated grinding and scotching process as compared with manual processing.

As national and international markets become more challenging, modern production facilities can help companies find a competitive advantage that is sometimes crucial. Against this backdrop, the company Edelstahl-Mechanik GmbH, located in Göppingen, Germany, which specializes in industrial processing of stainless steel sheet metal, decided to install a new robotic grinding and scotching system. In addition to reproducible processes and greater economic efficiency and surface quality, the company was also interested in protecting its employees from this complex, difficult, and time-consuming manual activity. With the objective of conceiving and building a robotic cell for flexible use for grinding weld seams and producing a surface finish on stainless steel components and  housings, the company’s managers turned to SHL Automatisierungstechnik AG. This order came with tough requirements for the Böttinger company, because the workpieces and housings to be produced are used in the fields of food production, medical technology, pharmaceutical and packaging industry, and are also used in designing high-end designer facades. For this reason, the components must also meet particularly high demands with respect to the quality of machining and the surface finish.

SHL AG’s 25th Anniversary

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SHL AG Anniversary, SHL AG automation for grinding, polishing, burring








2014 is the year to celebrate our 25th anniversary – unflagging passion and Swabian entrepreneurial spirit are the guarantee for success and for everything that can be created in a quarter of a century. We were able to achieve this together with our team of highly qualified employees and by accepting entrepreneurial risks.
Our philosophy:

  • Pleasant working environment
  • Employees’ satisfaction
  • Creating values
  • High-quality products
  • Offering customer service
  • Clients’ satisfaction
  • Technological progress

SHL AG represents all these things and has a corporate culture that is mandatory for a company’s success and persistence.

GRINDING, POLISHING, BURRING – these are our topics…

SHL Automatisierungstechnik AG: Outstanding Achievements since 1989

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SHL AG, Böttingen-Germany

SHL AG, Böttingen-Germany



We are celebrating SHL AG’s 25th anniversary…

As part of our 25-year-long success story, we decided to place our social-media activities on a new platform in the future.

Our aim is to expand the communication between you as a customer and interested party of SHL AG and us, the employees of SHL. You can look forward to active communication and animated discussions revolving around automated surface finishing with the emphasis on


Your SHL AG team