Blog Rules

We would like the discussions to be objective and ethically correct.
Therefore, we reserve the right to delete, respectively not to publish, contributions that are offensive or not objectively discussed.

We debate like humans and not like robots. Therefore, please never try to force your opinion on other people. For this reason, sexist, racist or offensive comments are prohibited.

It is also prohibited:
To use the blog as an advertising platform
To place spam or other attacks
To offer commercial or private services
To offer commercial or private goods
To make racist or pornographic statements or statements related to hate propaganda
To make degrading or humiliating statements against persons, companies or other institutions
To call for incitement, defamation and other political aims
To impinge upon the rights of others
To post quotes of other holders of rights without designating the sources
Therefore, we reserve the right to censor, delete or not to publish contributions should it be necessary. Furthermore, we reserve the right to take legal action against violations or noncompliance.

Every individual is responsible for his/her published contributions. Contributions, opinions on the contributions etc. are thus solely the authors’ opinions. Therefore, SHL AG does not assume liability for individual contributions to the blog.