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SHL AG’s 25th Anniversary

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SHL AG Anniversary, SHL AG automation for grinding, polishing, burring








2014 is the year to celebrate our 25th anniversary – unflagging passion and Swabian entrepreneurial spirit are the guarantee for success and for everything that can be created in a quarter of a century. We were able to achieve this together with our team of highly qualified employees and by accepting entrepreneurial risks.
Our philosophy:

  • Pleasant working environment
  • Employees’ satisfaction
  • Creating values
  • High-quality products
  • Offering customer service
  • Clients’ satisfaction
  • Technological progress

SHL AG represents all these things and has a corporate culture that is mandatory for a company’s success and persistence.

GRINDING, POLISHING, BURRING – these are our topics…

SHL Automatisierungstechnik AG: Outstanding Achievements since 1989

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SHL AG, Böttingen-Germany

SHL AG, Böttingen-Germany



We are celebrating SHL AG’s 25th anniversary…

As part of our 25-year-long success story, we decided to place our social-media activities on a new platform in the future.

Our aim is to expand the communication between you as a customer and interested party of SHL AG and us, the employees of SHL. You can look forward to active communication and animated discussions revolving around automated surface finishing with the emphasis on


Your SHL AG team