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Standardized Components Provide Security

Based on the required grinding and finishing processes and a specified spectrum of workpieces (up to 600Å~500Å~300mm (LÅ~BÅ~H) in size and up to 50 kg in weight), SHL came up with a concept for an integrated robotic grinding and scotching system. It consists essentially of a 6-axis Kuka KR 140 industrial robot, including a KR C2 controller, three SHL 250/450 belt and contact wheelgrinders, one SHL P 550 ROB polishing machine, and various vacuum and pneumatic grippers for accepting different workpieces. The employees still have a loading and unloading table for supporting the workpiece pallets, two workpiece pallets with interchangeable specific workpiece fixtures, and a tool changing device. The working software, installation, and commission of the system were also part of the scope of delivery from SHL, along with several training programs for the responsible employees. The extensive use of standardized system components – including the robot and polishing machine in addition to the belt and contact wheel grinding machines – enable the cost to be clearly calculated in advance and the defined implementation time period to be met. This also allowed functional risks in the concrete production process to be reduced considerably. Because the components named here are universally usable, Edelstahl-Mechanik benefits from great flexibility in applications and utility. In addition to handling workpieces in the course of unloading or loading the pallets, the robot also performs three-dimensional guiding and positioning of the parts in the grinding and polishing stations. The three belt and contact wheel grinders each also have a programmable movable contact roller. This provides great flexibility in the field of machine grinding, as the robot can grind with both the belt and the contact wheel. The polishing machine is ultimately well equipped for all surface finish requirements of profiled or flat workpieces due to its continuously variable polishing speeds.

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