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RZ_Fachbericht_Edelstahlmechnik2_Web_letterSignificant time And Cost Savings


Edelstahl-Mechanik GmbH is satisfied with all aspects of its new acquisition – not least because the automated process has managed to provide time savings of about 75 percent as compared with manual processing. This resulted in cost savings of about 50 percent. “We received extremely competent advice and selected SHL not least for this reason,” explains Jörg Grupp, Purchasing and Procurement Manager for Edelstahl-Mechanik. “The execution of the entire project, from planning to commissioning, was very professional. All of our requirements and desires were more than fulfilled. “The surface quality of the finished workpieces has also improved noticeably. “We can now efficiently and cost-effectively process batches of 100 or 200 parts, while manual grinding has often had problems not only with costs but also with quality. Today, in contrast, we provide workpieces with thoroughly reproducible quality and can put appropriate surface finishes on our laser-welded stainless steel assemblies.”

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