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Bildschirmfoto 2015-01-21 um 09.31.43High-end stainless steel surfaces and more economical processes thanks to a new system




In many fields where stainless steel components are used, the processing steps of grinding and surface finishing are essential. As part of a process reorganization, one company that processes stainless steel discovered the advantages of an automated grinding and scotching process as compared with manual processing.

As national and international markets become more challenging, modern production facilities can help companies find a competitive advantage that is sometimes crucial. Against this backdrop, the company Edelstahl-Mechanik GmbH, located in Göppingen, Germany, which specializes in industrial processing of stainless steel sheet metal, decided to install a new robotic grinding and scotching system. In addition to reproducible processes and greater economic efficiency and surface quality, the company was also interested in protecting its employees from this complex, difficult, and time-consuming manual activity. With the objective of conceiving and building a robotic cell for flexible use for grinding weld seams and producing a surface finish on stainless steel components and  housings, the company’s managers turned to SHL Automatisierungstechnik AG. This order came with tough requirements for the Böttinger company, because the workpieces and housings to be produced are used in the fields of food production, medical technology, pharmaceutical and packaging industry, and are also used in designing high-end designer facades. For this reason, the components must also meet particularly high demands with respect to the quality of machining and the surface finish.

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